12'0" Bark Excursion
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Surftech Matt Becker Bark Excursion
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Learn about Goretex vent plugs in Description tab
Nose Width13.38"
Mid Width30"
Tail Width 14.12"
Thickness 5"
Volume (L)192.2
Weight (lbs)23.8
Fin SystemCenter box/Future
Fin Setup2+1
The 12' Excursion is a beautiful touring board. Designed to take the place of the popular 14’ Expedition, this board will do it all. Pronounced nose rocker allows the board to fit well in the bump, while the pintail with 2+1 fin setup gives maneuverability and control whether touring, riding waves, downwinding or distance training. The Excursion is prepared for any condition. Built in Pro Elite construction.

Gore-Tex Breathable Vent Plug
GORE™ Protective Vents allows EPS core boards to pass air back and forth between the core and the exterior of the board while preventing water from entering. This is due because EPS surfboard materials are affected by extreme temperature changes.
There is a double membrane of “Gore-Tex” either side of a rubber O-ring. This membrane is waterproof this allows the vent to works by allowing air and other gases to pass through the membrane freely but stops liquids from entering the enclosure.

The Gore-Tex membrane does not require any adjustment.

What are Gore Breathable Vents for boards and watercraft?
Gore membrane vents allow the pass of air and other gases both ways while blocking the flow of liquid water.
The technology behind the vent's breathability lies in the ePTFE materials. Gore microporous ePTFE membrane prevents pressure build up by constantly equalizing the difference in pressure between the inside of the enclosure and its immediate environment. This constant exchange reduces the pressure on the seals. The vent works by allowing air and other gases to pass through the membrane freely but stops liquids from entering the enclosure. The membrane offers varying flow rates and liquid protection.
Joe Bark does not tire easily. The Palos Verdes shaper / firefighter / freediver / spearfisher / father / surfer / paddler / boardbuilder / husband / harbor patrolman is a study in fusing work and life and passion into one all-day marathon of doing what you love. And what Joe Bark loves is the ocean. Everything flows from there.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, a place teeming with surf and ocean history, Joe took his cues from surfing's "Greatest Generation" of boardbuilders, paddlers and shapers, salt-of-the-earth pioneer types from the '50s and '60s who cut the example the rest of us should follow. In 1983, intrigued by a small group of paddlers bent on resurrecting the then-defunct Catalina Classic (which had been dormant for 20 years), Joe paddled the race, and hasn't missed a crossing since. He won the event twice, in 1988 and 1989.

But to focus on the crossings is to miss most of the Joe Bark story. He made himself his first paddleboard in 1976, and today, Bark Paddleboards is widely recognized as the leading brand in the burgeoning ocean endurance community. He has a long and storied history as a surfer, riding big days at coveted and historic spots in Los Angeles, and when he's not paddling or surfing, he's diving for lobster, spearfishing off Catalina, doing Harbor Patrols in King Harbor, and raising his own children to embrace the waterman ethos he's been so integral in establishing in Southern California.

For Joe, it's not work, it's a life. His daily routine has him up at three (that's a.m., to the rest of us), heading to his shop in Los Angeles, crafting some of the finest paddleboards, the most versatile surfboards, and the most cutting edge, long distance stand-up paddleboards on the planet. And then he's on the water all day, doing what he loves.

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